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Eva with one shoe on

Please explain “with one shoe” searches?

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about temporarily losing one of my shoes in the Seoul, South Korea, subway.

Eva loses a shoe archived story on this website

Since then, people have been arriving to my blog daily by searching such terms as: “with one shoe,” “one shoe in subway,” “shoeless girl,” “loses one shoe,” “barefoot girl.”

And now, I have been inducted to the website with1shoe.com, with the story from my blog copy and pasted there, along with the photo of me standing very sadly on the platform of the subway station with my one shoe on. Also on the site are articles about all the different places real life women have lost their shoes in 100% true stories, claims the editor. Why the fascination and the need to make this claim?

Link to my story at Droppedit’s Shoe Loss Page: with1shoe.com

The with1shoe website links to this blog, and in the last few days I’ve had dozens of people arrive at my blog from first being on that website.

Can someone who is arriving to my website from searching about “woman with one shoe,” or any similar alternative, please explain to me what this is all about?

I had one person suggest that a woman without shoes sounds “tantalizing to a certain subset of men,” however, many of you are particularly arriving at my site from just searching about a person wearing one shoe. I’m not sure that I see something intrinsically sexy about that. Please tell me by leaving a comment what this internet trend of searching about this subject is about??

And for fun, here is the photo of me standing with one shoe reposted!

Eva with one shoe on